A few years ago there were only a handful of boulder problems above V6 in the West Kootenays. The massive surge of development since 2014 has led to over 1200+ problems scattered over 17 different areas. Can you believe there are 55 problems from V8-V11 and counting!!? What an amazing season it has been in 2020 with so many of the harder projects being sent and many other stellar new lines being unearthed in the process. The “Tough Guy Ticklist’ below lays out all the climbs in the V8-V11 range that have been sent so far, as well as pointing out the projects that are left to be slain (I’m sure there are tons more). Can you complete them all? Will you accept the challenge? Haha, either way there are some classics on that list for sure. Click the list/photo before for the free download of the Ticklist…..Happy winter everyone, see you in January!

Nic Williams on ‘Where the Watermelon’s Grow’ V8 on the Epic Mothership Boulder at Fantasyland/Arrow Lake

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