The Bouldering scene in the West Kootenays is exploding and the development of new problems is still going strong. Between the time the upcoming Guidebook has been sent to print there has already been 4 new areas developed in the region. Below are links to Free Downloadable Mini-Guides and any other current Updates. Please feel free to contact with any new routes, areas or feedback. Thanks!

jurassic boulder/ fantasyland update

Another sick boulder at Fantasyland! Improved down climb, new trail, new problems and flat landings. This is one super cool boulder that’s definintely a must visit! Click the photo above for the free download.

memorial boulder update

Just another awesome lakeside boulder at Arrow Lake. Everything is sub V3 but the beachside rock is impeccable, clean and there are an abundance of awesome holds typical of the water worn boulders in the area. This boulder is climbable year round except for times of extreme high water.Click the photo above for the free download.

valhalla/riverside update

One of the coolest little creekside zones in the West Kootenays, the Riverside Sector at the Valhalla Boulders up Norns/Ladybird FSR has an updated topo. There have been a many new lines added and a few projects ticked off. There are now 35 problems!! This topo should make it easy to decipher all the chalk down there now. Oh, and did I mention this little spot stays cool and shady all day in the summer heat and features some really aesthetic and amazing problems. Go check it out! Click the photo above for the free download.

serengeti boulders

A superb addition to the Ladybird Boulders. Many rad new lines, lots of cool slopers and a high density. This zone also comes with an awesome forested trail (no talus) that leads right to the boulders. There is tons of potential and many new standout classics. Really another must-visit zone in the Kootenays. Click the photo above for the free download.

spirit boulder

An unmistakably huge boulder at the ‘7KM’ marker on the Ladybird/Norn’s FSR just past the main Ladybird Boulders area. This eye catching boulder offers many great lines on excellent rock all spitting distance from your vehicle. This is and update to the current guidebook with new lines and info. Click the photo above for the free download.

lumberjack boulders

The first area you come to on the Ladybird/Norns FSR circuit. This area was included at the last minute in the guidebook and has undergone much more development during the spring of 2020 thus outdating the current book again haha. If you like steep, powerful climbing look no further. This zone hosts tons of high quality lines in very close vicinity to each other in a wonderful wilderness environment. Click the photo above for the free download.

Upper fantasyland

Another huge new area at the Fantasyland Boulders up at Arrow Lake. 62 new problems exist in this zone. It is essentially an update (yes already) to the guidebook. Many high quality boulder problems exist. Click on the image above for a free downloadable topo.

big kahuna

A huge granite boulder nestled above the Rail Trail in Nelson just off Svoboda Rd. Many cool features and a stellar cave/overhang problem highlight this one. Very easy for a quick session that will surely leave you pumped. Click on the image above for the free downloadable topo.

lookout boulders update

This is a mega new zone up off of Rialto Creek FSR at Arrow Lake. A unique blend of problems of all shapes and sizes, a beautiful approach and lookout and almost 50 problems make this one of the best discoveries at Arrow Lake in years. Click on the image above for the free download/update

Valhalla/oldsmobile update

A fantastic new addition to the ‘Viking Burial’ area at Valhalla. Cool rock and interesting problems await! Click on the image above for the free download/update

ladybird roof update

A couple of awesome new lines and some updated beta. This is a must visit while climbing in the West Kootenays. Steep featured Gneiss right on Ladybird Creek with great landings! Click on the image above for the free download/update

washout boulders update

A great spot to come test your steep climbing game at Arrow Lake. These boulders dry quickly and usually have a nice breeze coming up off the lake making it good afternoon spot in the summer shade. There have been a few new lines added on the main face of the Prow Boulder, an upgraded and slightly rerouted approach trail and some spruced up landings. Click on the image above for the free download/update

xena @ valhalla update

The classic ‘Xena’ line has been updated and a few other rad new climbs have been added as of June 2020 (page 298 in the guide). Click on the photo above for the free download. Enjoy!


A fantastic huge boulder in the vicinity of the Fukushima and Range Bouldering areas off of Rialto Creek FSR at Arrow Lake. This is a free downloadable topo. Click on the image above.


Click on the photo above to access the free download of the up-to-date ‘Updates’ document. Many new lines and projects are included!!