The Electrician – V3

Keenlyside Boulders Upgrade!

Literally the closest Arrow Lake boulders to Castlegar, the Powerline sector at Keenlyside has gotten a huge facelift. With a new access road parallel to Broadwater Rd. (for BC Hydro access) and the brush cleared, a new boulder was discovered. The ‘ELECTRIC’ Boulder is a great piece of stone with several quality moderates with great landings and lots of sun exposure. This also serves as a great warm-up to the epic ‘POWERLINE’ Boulder which has had a few beauty new lines added and a massive cleanup. All in all there are now 16 high quality problems at the sector. And with essentially zero approach, soft mossy landings and a grade spread for everyone, this should become a popular spot. Click the photo above for a ‘FREE’ download of the ‘Electric’ Boulder and the photo below for a ‘FREE’ download of the update to the ‘Powerline’ Boulder. Enjoy!


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