Sticky Granite near the Salmo River!

Just beyond the sleepy little village of Ymir, BC lies this granite anomaly nestled near the shores of the Salmo River. With super grippy rock, soft landings, a beauty environment and lots of shade this forgotten zone is a worthy stop when in the area. Originally scrubbed in 2013-14 by Allen Rollin, Jason Barber & Blue Netherclift, this area had been left to grow back (and it wasn’t scrubbed very good in the first place). As of June 2021 the entire zone has seen a retro scrub and a bunch of new beauty lines have been unearthed. It about 25 minutes total from Nelson and 10 minutes from Salmo, the approach is on a flat rail trail and certainly do-able in sandals haha. Click the photo above for the free downloadable topo and don’t forgot to enjoy the swimming hole nearby!

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