New Bouldering Area!

There is climbing near Salmo, who knew! Only 6km from downtown is this fantastic granite bouldering zone with tons of variety and lots of fantastic problems spitting distance from the car. With a great density, 30 problems, lots of moderates and high quality stone, this area is destined to become a popular spot. Make sure you get on the epic 35 degree jug fest ‘Rutting Elk’ and mega classic squeeze box ‘Magnavox Odyssey’. Click the photo above for the free downloadable topo and enjoy the action photos below!

NOTE: We are climbing on private property here, so far we have welcomed with open arms, so PLEASE do your best to be respectful and try to leave a positive impression with the locals. Don’t contribute to the garbage strewn about, don’t have fires (of any size), no camping and please keep it low key!

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